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et services PistenBully

Mécanique J.Clair, dépositaire de dameuses PistenBully

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Mécanique J.Clair, dépositaire d'équipements lourds Sany

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Mécanique J.Clair, dépositaire d'équipements Serco

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Peu importe le type de travaux, faites confiance à cette marque de gage offerte par votre dépositaire par excellence : Mécanique J. Clair. L'entreprise offre non seulement le service de vente de ces chargeurs haut de gamme, mais également les services d'entretien et de réparation, y compris la vente de ses pièces. Nous desservons les provinces du Québec et du Nouveau-Brunswick.


Serco  Grappin
Grappin "Bypass"
Serco Bypass Grapples Are Designed & Ideal For Forestry Applications. Our Bypass Grapples Are Available In a Variety Of Sizes.

Serco  Grappin à chemin de fer
Grappin à chemin de fer
Serco Railroad Grapples Are Built Tough To Withstand The Most Demanding Of Railway Applications In Order To Minimize Downtime & Increase Efficiency.

Serco  Grappin combiné
Grappin combiné
The Ultimate Handling Solution. Known For It's Versatility, Serco Combination Grapples Can Be Used For a Variety Of Different Applications Such As; Logging, Scrap, Farming Etc. An Affordable, High-Capacity Attachment. Featuring a Single Cylinder & Synchronized Jaws, Our Combination Grapple Is Designed To Help You Get The Job Done Quickly and Efficiently!

Serco  Grappin coupeur
Grappin coupeur "Bypass"
Serco Slasher Grapples are designed to handle tree length and are often used in coordination with our Slasher cutting machine to streamline logging processes. A multi-purpose attachment, our Slasher Grapples are also excellent solutions for a variety of other logging applications.

Serco  Grappin pour bois
Grappin pour bois
Perfect for handling and piling short wood, Serco Pulpwood Grapples are designed to be durable and low maintenance in order to reduce downtime – the perfect solution for most operations.

Serco  Grappin pour bûches
Grappin pour bûches
A staple for loggers, Serco Log Grapples are built tough for the high demands of forestry applications for which they encounter and for peace of mind for business owners and operators alike.

Serco  Grappin pour ramassage de déchets
Grappin pour ramassage de déchets
Serco Waste Collection Grapples Are Commonly Used For Storm Clean-Up. They Feature Heavy-Duty, Fully Protected Cylinders & Hoses, As Well As a Robust Design. Our Waste Collection Grapples Can Be Used On Serco Loaders & Competitor Models.

Chargeurs sur camion et remorque

Serco  1050XR Series
1050XR Series
Modeled After Our Popular 8500 Series, The Serco 1050XR Features Increased Lift Capacity & a Rugged, Durable Design Making It An Ideal Choice For Many Heavy Hauling Applications Such As; Logging, Railroad, Scrap, Waste & Storm Cleanup. This Trailer & Truck Mounted Log Loader Has Become The Number One Choice Because Of Its Versatilty!

Serco  160 & 160PH Series
160 & 160PH Series
The SERCO 160 and 160PH are extremely popular models in the Western U.S. and Canadian forestry industry. They've also been a great fit for utility companies, heavy construction, and railroad applications.

Serco  230 Series
230 Series
The SERCO 230 was built with added lift capacity and additional features for Western U.S. and Western Canadian requirements.

Serco  7000 Series
7000 Series
From its inception, the SERCO 7000 has been one of the most popular and well accepted knuckleboom loaders in its class. Its light weight, speed, strength, and reliability have made this model extremely popular in multiple industries such as forestry and pulpwood handling.

Serco  7500 Series
7500 Series
You asked for it and we complied. Modeled after the very popular SERCO 7000, the SERCO 7500 has added lift capacity, bolt-on cylinder heads, larger diameter pins and bushings, as well as many other options. Its light weight, speed, strength, and reliability have made this model a great fit for multiple applications and industries.

Serco  75XR Series
75XR Series
For those that require a lightweight yet powerful loader, the SERCO 75XR was developed for you. Whether you are handling pipeline materials or heavy sawlogs, and pulpwood, the 75XR will make your job easier.

Serco  8000 Series
8000 Series
Created in 1977, the SERCO 8000 was the first loader in our lineup. This machine has been used in every application possible and continues to be an ideal loader for a wide variety of industries.

Serco  8500 Series
8500 Series
The Serco 8500 Has Become One Of The Most Versatile Log Loaders In Our Line-Up.  Our Trailer Mounted & Truck Mounted Log Loaders Have Become The Material Handler Of Choice For Many Loggers! The 8500 Series Continues To Be One Of The Most Sought Out Log Loaders In The Forestry/Logging Industry.

Chargeuses à bras articulée

Serco  300 Series
300 Series
The SERCO 300 is available in truck mount, self propelled carrier, or stationary electric applications. With a wide variety of options and on-demand hydraulics, this loader is exceptional for applications in the forestry, scrap, or industrial material handling industries.


Serco  Coupeur
SERCO Slashers are an optional addition for our 2050 and 300 series loaders and are exceptional slashing for slashing applications.

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